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2019 Esports Production Summit: Tips and Considerations for Venue Design

Creating gaming meccas for local Esports communities was the topic of a panel discussion at the SVG Esports Production Summit that gave attendees some top tips for meeting a growing market segment. (l-to-r) SVG’s Kristian Hernandez moderated a panel discussion on venues with Kristin Connelly, Corey Dunn, Jud Hannigan, Bob Jordan, and Brian Mirakian. Kristin Connelly, Overwatch League, Senior Director, Marketing, on the need to have a venue that resonates with Esports fans. You need to make Esports arenas feel communal and authentic as it is their event and they are like-minded, rooting and cheering. You need to program moments to make it feel real and believable, you can’t just show up to the venue. Take every single moment and have activations in breaks.

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