ESPN is launching a digital-only pregame show for classic MLB broadcasts

With no live sports, sports networks need content. Many are turning to airing classic games, and ESPN is no exception. But in addition to airing classic MLB games every Tuesday, ESPN is launching a pregame show for those classic games (yes, a pregame show for games that have already aired), which will be available on its digital platforms. The pregame show (entitled BBTN Live) seems somewhat similar to Tony Kornheiser’s idea for PTI in a world without live sports, at least for this week. The classic game for this week is Cal Ripken Jr’s record breaking streak game from 1995, and thus, the pregame show features Ripken, and play by play announcer Chris Berman, along with Tim Kurkjian (a former Baltimore Sun reporter) and host Clinton Yates. On this week’s episode of MLB Encore Tuesdays, ESPN is re-airing Cal Ripken Jr.

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