Modders enable Hammer custom map support in Half-Life: Alyx

Community modders found a way to enable support for Half-Life: Alyx assets in Hammer, Valve’s authoring tool, allowing users to create custom playable maps. The method is a workaround solution to facilitate modding and custom level creation until Valve officially supports mods and updates Hammer, as it promised last November. Back when Valve announced Half-Life: Alyx, they also stated that the game would support “community built” environments, alongside an updated version of Hammer to work with VR gameplay and components. However, there’s been no updates since and there’s still no specific release date. We asked Valve for an update about official support and will update this post if we hear back. Despite the lack of official support, we’ve already seen some awesome mods for Half-Life: Alyx, like the wave shooter mod XenThug.

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