Ken Burns criticizes “The Last Dance” for involvement of Michael Jordan’s production company: “That’s not the way you do good journalism”

While The Last Dance has received strong reviews and viewership numbers, it’s drawn some flak for its portrayals of figures like Jerry Krause and Isiah Thomas. Some of that comes from the documentary’s heavy focus on Michael Jordan and his perspective, with Jordan’s production company even being involved as a partner. And it’s that last aspect that’s particularly bothered famed documentarian Ken Burns (seen above), who offered some criticism of that approach to Chris Kornelius of The Wall Street Journal: But he has yet to watch ESPN’s popular Michael Jordan documentary series The Last Dance. The series counts the basketball great’s production company as a partner, an arrangement Mr. Burns says he would “never, never, never, never” agree to. “I find it in the opposite direction of where we need to be going,” he says.

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