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The Evolution of the Autograph (And You Can Forget Selfies Too)

The camera phone transformed sports fans’ desired memento from collecting athlete signatures to snagging selfies with players. More recently, fans have sought a scripted recording, such as a greeting via Egraphs or Cameos. Now, a new company, Powr, aims to create a truly interactive experience by connecting fans with athletes to compete in esports. “We explain our company as the evolution of the autograph,” says Powr co-founder Samantha Newman, who is also an MLBPA-certified agent at Double Diamond Sports Management. “Why pay for a one-sided video where you tell the person what to say when you can actually interact with them, speak to them, see their face if they’re streaming, and actually get to know the people? It takes Twitter and brings it to life. ” Powr co-founder Samantha Newman.

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