The Last Dance kept most of its initial audience for episodes 3 and 4, averaging 5.9 million viewers across those episodes

One of the big questions with the impressive Week 1 ratings for ESPN’s 1997-98 Chicago Bulls documentary The Last Dance was how those ratings would hold up over time. After all, there have been plenty of sports events that have gotten off to a strong start only to see major declines after that, including the AAF and both incarnations of the XFL. And a notable previous multi-part ESPN documentary, OJ: Made In America, also saw drop-offs after the premiere (which was on ABC rather than ESPN, but still, the decline was significant). However, The Last Dance has managed to retain its audience very well so far. As per ESPN, the audience for Sunday’s third episode (across ESPN and ESPN2, which is airing the language-censored version) was even above the audience the second episode drew the previous Sunday, and the fourth episode’s audience wasn’t bad either. Here’s more from that release: “The Last Dance” continued its momentum on its second night.

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