How do the 2020 NFL primetime schedules compare for NBC, ESPN, Fox and NFLN?

With the NFL’s schedule out, there are plenty of rankings of the primetime games by projected quality, including ours. But it’s also worth taking a look at how each network’s primetime schedule compares. Similar to our approach from last year, here’s a list of each network’s games with the teams’ win totals in 2019-20 and their ranking in viewership for nationally-televised games from the 2018-19 season (as per a January 2019 piece in Ad Age; more current data wasn’t available). As with last year, NBC’s Sunday Night Football remains the strongest overall. However, this year has seen ESPN’s Monday Night Football slightly edge Fox’s Thursday Night Football in previous wins, while slightly trailing it in previous market rankings; the takeaway there is that those two schedules look more even than they’ve been at times. The NFL Network-only Thursday games remain a clear fourth.

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