ESPN+ subscriptions are up slightly despite a lack of live sports, but that’s likely thanks to large growth in Disney+ bundle subscriptions

Disney’s quarterly earnings call Tuesday saw a whole lot of bad news overall (including a 90 percent drop in profit versus Q2 last year), as expected for a company that gets a lot of revenue out of businesses like theme parks, hotels, and cruises (all of which have been shut down for a while now). But interestingly, they did see a small uptick in ESPN+ subscriptions, despite the lack of live sports that would usually be shown on that service. A lot of that is undoubtedly thanks to people subscribing to the Disney+/Hulu/ESPN+ bundle (Disney+ in particular has seen huge growth with so many people stuck at home, and with many kids needing more entertainment with schools closed), and even net growth like this may still come with a lot of lost subscribers, but it’s still interesting to see any sort of growth at a over-the-top streaming service that doesn’t have much going on right now (including even The Last Dance, which won’t be on ESPN+ until July 2021). But they are seeing some ESPN+ growth, and that’s notable even amidst bad overall drops for Disney, as Eric Fisher of SportBusiness Group tweeted: Disney earnings hammered as expected. $. 60 EPS adjusted, down 63% from year-ago period, & down by a third from analyst expectations.

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