‘They are going to be the last to get cut’: Why Google and Facebook aren’t having as bad a crisis as the rest of the online ad industry

This is the latest of a weekly column about the big changes and challenges facing media and marketing leaders. Be sure to join Digiday+, our membership program, to get access to this column and all Digiday articles, research and more. Sales of retro pantry staples like Slim Jim and Kraft Easy Cheese are soaring as American consumers reach for tried-and-tested home comforts. In digital advertising too, marketers who are spending are leaning on the old faithful: Google and Facebook. To be sure, both companies are feeling the pain as marketers across the travel, automotive, retail, restaurant and entertainment industries withdraw their ad spending. But it’s a stub-of-the-toe kind of pain rather than the relentless series of body punches other ad-funded media businesses are taking at the moment.

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