Scottie Pippen Was The GOAT Of NBA Sidekicks

In the absence of live sports, TV events such as “The Last Dance,” ESPN’s documentary about the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls, have thrust historical players back into the limelight. Though the series mainly revolves around Jordan, early episodes were also devoted to the backstories of MJ teammates like Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman — and perhaps not surprisingly, all have seen an uptick in online search interest over the past few weeks. These days, people are googling that trio more than they’re looking up, say, LeBron James. Getting reacquainted with Jordan is easy; his shadow still looms relatively omnipresent over the modern NBA. Rodman is a cult figure whose fame transcends basketball. But what to do with Pippen? His Hall of Fame credentials are unquestionable, but his greatness can be difficult to contextualize.

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