‘Unknown delta’: Advertisers push again for transparency in programmatic ad buying

Ad spending is falling, leading advertisers to again seek to greater transparency into the ad-buying supply chain. Nearly half (49%) of ad buys evaporate before reaching publishers, according to a report from trade body ISBA. More than a third (34%) of this money is the disclosed fees agencies and ad tech vendors take for trading impressions, while 15% is swallowed up by what the report called an “unknown delta” on the supply chain that could not be attributed. The amount of money that reaches publishers is likely lower, as the report did not factor in ad fraud and ad viewability.   Not only is there still a noticeable amount of programmatic dollars that aren’t reaching publishers, but it’s also getting harder to keep track of where it does go. ISBA tried to do this in the report but struggled to get the data it needed from ad tech vendors for nine months.

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