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Coping with coronavirus: Platform on running an esports venue in lockdown

Platform, a gaming and esports bar and restaurant in London, should be celebrating its one-year birthday around about now. Unfortunately, however, like many businesses and spaces in the United Kingdom and abroad, the coronavirus lockdown has led to a temporary closure of the casual-chic venue’s doors. We spoke with three members of the team behind Platform: Co-founder brothers Tomaso and Nicolò Portunato, CEO and COO, respectively; and Lucas Weintraub, Chief Marketing Officer. As part of our ongoing series, Coping with coronavirus, the trio offered insight into how they’ve approached life in quarantine with a business that depends on its physical space. Photo credit: PlatformEsports Insider: Can you tell us what your work is like at the moment, with Platform being closed down? Tomaso Portunato: The idea is kind of turning the business into a skeleton business, where we cut down all of our costs but we protect what we care about the most, which is our staff. We’ve been grateful for what the government has done, in terms of the furlough scheme, and [we’ve been] working with all suppliers, landlords, to make sure we cut the cost to the minimum.

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