ESPN is bringing back The Ocho this Sunday, March 22nd

Unless you’ve been on some kind of silent desert meditation retreat like Jared Leto, you’re probably all too aware that the world’s major sports are currently on hold. ESPN, though, has an annual tradition of broadcasting some decidedly non-major sports every year on August 8th when they bring back ESPN8: The Ocho. Honoring a joke from Dodgeball, ESPN2 turns into ESPN8, airing a wide variety of sports that otherwise would never see that kind of exposure. August feels like a long time from now (although to be honest, at this rate next Wednesday feels like a long time from now) but this morning ESPN announced they’d be bringing back The Ocho this Sunday, March 22nd. Via ESPN PR: No, it’s not the eighth of August, or the eighth of anything or even August at all. That is the magic ESPN8: The Ocho.

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