Once Upon A Time In A Pandemic: A TV Blog Memory

Time plays tricks during a pandemic, and also wreaks havoc on our collective memory. Many are no doubt asking: Where did the last eight weeks go? And even more commonly: What day is today?The latter has been one of the most conspicuous phenomena of the pandemic -- forgetting the day of the week while sheltering at home because every day is more or less the same, even weekends. To help myself (and hopefully others) get some perspective on the era of the pandemic, I went back in time -- eight weeks back, to be exact -- to the dawn of the TV Blog’s first brush with the pandemic when it was then in its infancy. I found that not unlike some of our government leaders, the TV Blog did not acknowledge the presence of COVID-19 in our lives until March 6, exactly eight weeks ago this past Friday. advertisementadvertisementIn that March 6 column, mention of the pandemic came briefly at the very end, following a consideration of two other subjects that made more news that week -- the sudden resignation of Chris Matthews from MSNBC following sexual harassment allegations, and the coverage earlier that week of the Super Tuesday primaries (on March 3). Remember those stories? Probably not.

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