Online Gaming Operator Monkey Knight Fight Partners With Milwaukee Brewers

Sports Tracker Kinexon Pivots to Help With Public Health By Andrew Cohen May 8, 2020 German tracking company Kinexon has launched SafeZone, a sensor-embedded wristband that monitors distance between people wearing the device. The device is intended to enable workers across any business to return to their workspace while maintaining proper social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.   SafeZone contains an ultra-wideband sensor that can be worn as a wristband or clipped on to clothing. When two people wearing the device come within six feet of each other for a certain period of time (this period is customizable), the sensor will emit visual and audio signals altering users that safe distance has been compromised. Sensors can measure distance between devices at a rate of one time per second. “The solution is applicable for all places where people are around—from factories to offices.

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