The Promise Of Free Beer Becomes Pandemic Tradition — Not Annual, We Hope

In these uncertain times, it appears the trending marketing mode by beermakers is to give it away. The latest:  Coors Light has extended its “Made To Chill” campaign by inviting consumers to share a beer by going to @CoorsLight and providing the name of someone who needs a bottle (or six). Coors Light will give those named a rebate certificate so they can buy a sixpack and be reimbursed for it.   The  #CouldUseABeer campaign promises $1 million of free beer.  Prime-time ads featuring the voice of actor Paul Giamatti recalls the tough American times in which, in this telling, beer helped us get through it all, as it will  even through the current scenario with its “sucky, suck, sucky suckiness of historical proportions. ”This promotion comes on the heels of a Coors Light promotional bullseye a few days ago in which the beer brand made a showy delivery of Coors Light to a 93-year-old Pennsylvania woman who flashed an “I Need More Beer” sign in her window.

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