‘Wassup!!??’ — Budweiser’s Updated Ad Surprisingly Relevant

Budweiser on Thursday resurrected its 1999 “Whassup” commercials, this time using smartphones, iPads and sports and entertainment celebrities, to create a loud but surprisingly timely public service message. Unlike two decades ago, when “Whassup” became a buzzword with nothing but fun behind it, it’s now culturally relevant.  In this ad, celebrities are getting in touch via video calls to check in on friends and relatives, making “Whassup” at once a greeting and a health check at a time of social distancing. (And unlike 1999, the participants aren’t watching a game when they get the call. They’re “re-watching” a replay of best-of games sports networks  have been airing these days. ) Near the end of the 90-second spot, former Miami Heat superstar Dwayne Wade breaks the wise-cracking revelry and asks, “For real, though: What’s up with everybody?” advertisementadvertisementHis wife, actress Gabrielle Union, leans in to press the question: “Yeah, you guys staying safe?”Former teammate Chris Bosh replies, “Hey, thanks for asking.

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