When COVID News Is Bad, Hit ‘Em With Heartwarming

No one wants to be seen as a COVID-19 Ebenezer Scrooge when reacting to the many heartwarming pandemic-related stories we are seeing lately on our local and national newscasts. It feels prudent to resist complaining about all of the heart-tugging fare, the majority of which has been shot by amateurs and culled from social-media sites by the newscast producers. This “method” of news-gathering on the cheap had long been in use on our TV newscasts before the pandemic. Back then, it was a no-brainer for a critic to gripe about it. Such “stories” often played like filler whose chief attribute was the ease with which they could be collected and then repurposed as “news. ” Basically, someone would write a few words for an anchorman or anchorwoman to say to introduce these segments and, voila, a cat was seen dancing to an old Motown song.

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