Faster, cheaper and a lot less fun: Rethinking the agency business that emerges on the other side

In a matter of weeks, marketers and agency execs have already adapted to a new normal of working from home, hopping on Zoom and doing virtual pitches. Those changes to the day-to-day process have given a sense of how work can go on in a crisis. Moving beyond the current moment to understand what the business will look like once we emerge, the marketing leaders I spoke to say that the changes made already give a small sense of what’s to come — that is, the acceleration of trends already afoot. More project work The move away from agency-of-record assignments has been happening for some time. Instead of paying agencies a retainer and setting up long-term relationships, a number of major marketers have instead opted to eschew that model for project-based relationships with agencies. Some have even found a loophole to get the best of both worlds: serial projects.

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