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Netflix’s ‘The Eddy’ Strikes a Mournful Note

Mercifully, The Eddy spared its viewers by declining to be a television series “about jazz. ” I fear critics might have exploded into a visceral paste upon watching a couple of episodes directed by Damien Chazelle “about jazz. ” Chazelle wrote and directed 2016’s La La Land, a movie “about jazz,” which sparked a long and awful conflagration “about jazz,” among other critical concerns. The Eddy assembles all the elements required to make a series “about jazz”: It’s set in a seedy nightclub in Paris; features a washed-up virtuoso in arrears, a misfit band, a fussy critic, and a record deal; and has an overall sentimentality about live musical performance. These are ideas. These are, dare I say, “ideas about jazz,” though The Eddy bears other talents, themes, and ideas about fatherhood, blackness, excellence, and belonging.

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