Our industry can actively play a meaningful role in shaping recovery

The advertising industry should not wait for the economy’s recovery – it should actively work to aid it, argues McCann Worldgroup’s Harjot Singh. What if we were able to move from being a witness to an enabler? Instead of waiting for our economy and society to emerge from the ravages of the pandemic, what if the advertising industry actually helped to engineer the recovery?I’m inviting you to join me in thinking about this. Because I believe that in addition to doing our best work by helping to place our clients in a position of strength – one in which they’re ready to respond and re-assimilate – we could also have a dramatic impact on the way the society of the near future looksOur research tells us that 77% of people globally believe brands have a greater ability to positively impact the urgent needs of the world than governments do. From stamping out prejudice to encouraging healthy lifestyles, people believe brands have the power to accelerate positive change. This means that when our industry fully leverages its scale to benefit society, the results can be extraordinary. Alongside our clients, we can, and indeed we should, play a meaningful role in getting the world back on its feet.

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