DSPs are cracking down on bid duplication

Exchanges that peddle multiple bid requests for the same ad impression on behalf of publishers were already in the crosshairs of those programmatic buyers trying to get smarter about how they buy impressions, but the economic downturn has, somewhat inadvertently, quickened their demise.   Traffic spikes have caused increased costs in processing bid requests, giving already under pressure demand-side platforms extra economic incentive to squash bid duplication. MediaMath is building a new supply chain that doesn’t include SSPs that sell duplicated impressions, for example. Last month, The Trade Desk gave all the SSPs it buys impressions from two weeks to stop sending it duplicated requests to take part in the same auction. The deadline has been extended in the weeks since but the DSP expects SSPs to fall into line eventually. “By tackling the bid duplication problem we’re hopeful that it will give publishers visibility into an egalitarian measurement of their own SSP partnerships as adding another isn’t necessarily going to drive additional revenue for them in a big way,” said Joel Livesey is director of partnerships EMEA at The Trade Desk.

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