Facebook’s Dan Neary on reinventing togetherness

We have entered a new reality where some countries in the Asia Pacific region have now been social distancing in some form or working remotely for several months. I’m based in Singapore where we are in week five of enhanced social distancing measures and expect this to last, at least, until June. Like many, I’m hunkered down for the extended circuit breaker with my family. In my role at Facebook, I’m responsible for leading teams at a time when connecting people remotely, stopping misinformation and harmful content, and making sure everyone has accurate information, has never been more important. So, I find myself adapting to new ways of connecting and being present with my teams and clients across the region, especially since I can’t be in the same room with them. My home office has become my home studio where I find myself using video conferencing and collaboration tools to connect with my remote teams.

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