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‘Listen to Your Heart’ Recap: All They Need Is One Mic

For the most part, the musical portion of The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart features hot, moderately talented people singing forgettable covers of love songs to each other. Monday night, though, we got a ridiculously talented person performing an absolutely horrific cover that I’ll probably never be able to forget. Through the show’s first four episodes, Natascha established herself as the most impressive performer on the show; there wasn’t even a close second. In the show’s first concert, Natascha’s booming performance of “Stay” got judge Jason Mraz to tell her she has “tremendous power in her voice,” and to also warn her useless partner Ryan that she would leave him in the dust. In their second performance, Natascha got a legit “wow” from Toni Freakin’ Braxton, plus a “your voice is unbelievable” from a producer I was told was named “Andy Grammer. ” Natascha is a reality TV show vet—she was on the Dutch version of The Voice and a 2007 reality show attempting to find a seventh member of The Pussycat Dolls—but she finally seemed to be getting her chance to shine on Listen To Your Heart.

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