Managing the content explosion: unleashing the value of content

We are witnessing a content explosion. An unprecedented and accelerating demand for engaging and personalised content, across more channels, in more formats, in real-time. In an age where consumers are now viewing upwards of 5,000 adverts a day, brands are increasingly under pressure to cut through this information proliferation and deliver content that is genuinely impactful and makes an impression. This is particularly exacerbated when attention is drawn inexorably towards the coronavirus with brands having to remain relevant, timely and authentic. With attention even harder to obtain, it’s not simply a question of what content to produce, but how to manage your content to enable a sustainable and scalable solution: from planning and creating, to managing and distributing; from publishing and activating, to optimising and amplifying. ScaleOn average consumers now engage with over 10 different pieces of content before making a purchase.

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