Publishers see DTC services as bright spots in a bleak ad landscape

While digital ad revenue is down across the board, there are pockets of opportunity bubbling up that some publishers are leaning into. Publishers say there’s more activity from direct-to-consumer advertisers, those who continue to spend money advertising to the millions of people stuck indoors. Publisher’s digital advertising revenues are down between 19% and 25%, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, but not all verticals and categories are hit equally. Naturally, travel and tourism and restaurants are reducing their marketing, while technology, food-delivery services, e-commerce retailers and business-to-business advertisers are spending more. “We have been working more closely with brands who are part of the new normal — [direct response] and [direct-to-consumer] brands — and how we can better serve them,” said Joy Robins, chief revenue officer at The Washington Post. “That includes what ad products we can create for them that are more turnkey and self-service because they are so used to working with platforms.

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