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SteelSeries’ new iOS gaming controller claims 50 hours of battery life and better buttons

SteelSeries has announced the Nimbus Plus, a new controller designed for gaming on Apple devices.

The Nimbus Plus improves on its predecessor with some new features, such as clickable joysticks, a claimed 50-hour battery life, and ultra-responsive triggers.

Like its predecessor, the Nimbus Plus charges via a Lightning connector and has a Made for iPhone (MFi) certification. The licensing program allows third-party devices to take advantage of features available on Apple’s hardware, such as optimized button mapping.

The Nimbus Plus will come bundled with a mount for the controller, which you can use to game on your iPhone easily. A SteelSeries spokesperson told The Verge that the Nimbus Plus “will allow users to play tons of Apple Arcade games across the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV (and Mac).

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