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Broadcasters: FCC Proposal Could Clutter Streaming Platform

Broadcasters are pushing back on an FCC proposal to change how they notify viewers of certain applications those stations file with the FCC, arguing, for one thing, that it could put them at a streaming disadvantage to online video providers without such FCC regulation. The FCC is scheduled to vote on a final item at its May 13 public meeting teleconference. Currently, some stations, radio and TV, are required to provide written notices to a local newspapers, others to provide on-air notices and some to use both, with specific rules on "timing, frequency, duration, and content. "The FCC said that complexity has created compliance issues it wants to resolve by streamlining the process, making it uniform, and allowing for online notification on a station's Web site. Broadcasters are fine with that, but where they have a problem is with the FCC's proposed requirement that the "FCC Applications" link or tab be at the top of the station home page, and that "a broadcaster that has an app for its station, designed to be installed on users’ mobile devices, must include in the app a link to the web page containing the full notice text. "In various teleconference meetings with FCC staffers in advance of Wednesday's planned vote, execs from Fox, ViacomCBS, NBCU, Univision, and Disney(ABC) said the FCC should allow stations to put the applications tab at the bottom of the home page where many already include a link to their FCC online public interest file, EEO reports, contest rule disclosures and other info.

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