Coronavirus: what a time to be live

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, lockdowns around the world have forced influencers to get creative from the safety of their own homes. So how are they adjusting to the limitations?We’ve seen several changes to how creators are interacting with their audiences. While in the past, a polished post and a feed that has been thoroughly curated have been popular, Covid-19 has accelerated a shift towards creators and their followers favouring more authentic, raw content. In turn, this has meant that instead of focusing on less authentic mediums of content creation - polished posts, amazing locations, product pushes and the like - we’re seeing creators returning to their roots and producing highly authentic and genuine content that allows them to build meaningful connections with their communities. And what feature could be better for this than Instagram Live?As such, Instagram Live has become more popular with creators who are using this Instagram feature to connect with their audience, streaming their thoughts and feelings directly to their audiences. We love this shift and are behind creators sharing more ‘real’ content of their lives during lockdown, and going forward.

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