Facebook rolls out whitelists and better live stream controls in brand safety tweak

Facebook is retooling its brand safety features, rolling out whitelists that better allow brands to control the content their ads are seen next to. The expanded toolkit will see the implementation of two types of whitelist. To let brands create whitelists of publishers for in-stream video and the off-Facebook, app-based Audience Network, it has introduced publisher whitelists. And a content-level whitelisting tool will be available to advertisers that are clients of ad-vertification partners Integral Ad Science, OpenSlate and Zefr. Allowing advertisers to work with partners to create ‘dynamic content sets’ through this tool, partners will be able to update and adjust video content placement ‘routinely’. The retooling of brand safety features follows on from tests on a select group of advertisers last November, which were largely welcomed by brands.

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