For marketers, fraud-free campaigns put an accurate lens onto audience humanity

By [Dan Lowden, CMO, White Ops] As marketing has become increasingly digital, metrics-driven tactics that drive higher conversion rates and better business results have become a must. It’s no longer enough to drive likes or views; marketers need to identify the most likely buyer, discover ways to get a compelling message in front of a particular buyer, and do so frequently and on enough channels to ensure that the messaging sticks and the buyer makes a move. In today’s business environment where every marketing dollar counts, there is no such thing as “good enough”— marketers need to continue to optimize and test to ensure their tactics are driving the most efficient and effective campaigns. One new approach to optimization is to determine the humanity of a given campaign’s audience. And in this case, humanity doesn’t mean whether the individuals are showing empathy and kindness to others — though that doesn’t hurt — it means determining whether the conversions the campaign is experiencing are literally humans as opposed to bots. Sophisticated bots can look astonishingly human to the untrained (and even trained) observer.

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