In defence of the ‘stay alert, control the virus, save lives’ messaging

The UK government's new 'stay alert, control the virus, save lives' messaging has attracted criticism from many communications commentators. But Dan Cullen-Schute, founder and chief executive of Creature, thinks the slogan does the job. So, this is weird. Having been called ‘Breitbarty’ and a ‘Tory apologist’ on twitter yesterday (Sunday 10 May), I now feel like I’m defending the Tories, which is not a position I’m accustomed to taking. Thankfully, of course, I’m not defending them in the slightest. It’s perfectly possible to think that Boris Johnson and his gang have fucked this up royally, to be genuinely bemused by elements of his speech last night (although, at the risk of getting Twitter’s back up again, a lot of it was perfectly clear, even if you don’t like what he was saying), and still think that ‘Stay Alert’ is about as good - and clear - a message as you were going to get from a comms point of view.

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