Mark Borkowski: The Tories have campaigned in haiku and governed in gibberish

In the wake of the UK government's attempt to communicate its post-lockdown strategy using some controversial and, to some, confusing messaging, communications czar Mark Borkowski offers his take on what is being said by the prime minister and his cabinet, and how. The famous mantra of hard-nosed political communication is that you ‘campaign in poetry and govern in prose. ’ Well, the Tories have campaigned in haiku and are governing in gibberish. What we saw yesterday (Sunday 10 May) was a communications disaster. Is there anyone that is willing to stand up and defend her majesty’s government’s dodgy PowerPoint played over the sounds of an unfortunate table being firmly pounded by the prime minister?But I don’t think, as some claim, that this was a piece of conspiratorial skulduggery, I’ve worked in PR long enough to see a PR cockup from a mile away. The first rule in a crisis is that even if the temptation is great, you don’t just speak for the sake of it.

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