Mike Greenberg and Mark Texeira use “Get Up” to minimize MLB players’ concerns over owners’ proposal, ignoring their own pasts

Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mike Greenberg’s Morning Hot Take Parade (which ESPN calls Get Up) rolls on with its longstanding quest to bring us the dumbest sports opinions imaginable, and it did a good job on that front Tuesday. With the MLB owners approving the league office proposal for a modified and shortened season beginning in July, the focus now shifts to the players’ association. And the MLBPA has a number of issues to consider here, from health concerns (very valid even in games played without fans) to players’ sequestration away from their families to the proposed financial split, which is a shift from the pro-rated salaries the players approved in March to a 50-50 split based on actual revenues. But Tuesday saw well-compensated ESPN analysts Greenberg and Mark Texeira using their national platform on the Morning Hot Take Parade not for a serious discussion of the players’ concerns, but rather an endorsement of the owners and a minimization of players’ concerns, which feels more than a little ironic given their own pasts. Here’s a key clip: "If [a potential 2020 MLB season] blows up over money, they will lose fans that they will never get back. And they will deserve it.

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