With live sports on hold, Adidas turns to video games

Live sport’s indefinite hiatus is forcing Adidas to recreate those events that have been canceled in video games.   In Turkey, Adidas recreated the canceled European Championship in the FIFA 20 Playstation video game. Since the start of the month, the advertiser has been streaming matches for the ‘Uncanceled Cup’ between 12 footballers and 12 celebrities to its Facebook Live, IGTV, and YouTube Live profiles in Turkey. Like the real tournament, 51 games will be broadcast. The final, however, could be shown on TV, with Adidas in negotiations with local networks.   “Sports marketing is a big part of how we launch products and use our sponsorships and without live sports, we weren’t sure of what to do in the early days of the lockout before we were pitched the idea,” said Handem Celenkler, marketing director for Adidas in Turkey.

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