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33% of Local Ad Buyers See Pandemic Impacting 2021

Local and regional media planners and buyers said not only has the COVID-19 pandemic had a large impact on their 2020 plans, but 33% are already certain it will affect their 2021 plans as well, according to a new survey by Comcast Advertising. Asked what changes they might look to make next year, 30% said they will look for new opportunities for advertising efficiencies, 25% said they would explore new channels, 20% said they would explore new ways to use data and 15 said they would change their approach to targeting. The Coronavirus is already having a big impact this year. In the survey 65% of the buyers said the pandemic would have a large impact on their 2020 advertising plans, with another 29% saying there would be some impact. That said, 93% of the buyers said they felt it was important to keep advertising during this time, though they noted it was only possible if dollars are available. To stay relevant, 67% said their clients are already incorporating COVID-19 messaging into their advertising and 14% said they might in the future.

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