LTN Global Enables Remote Knowledge Transfer and Collaboration for University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

COLUMBIA, Md. — May 8, 2020 — LTN® Global, whose innovative modular offerings support the full media life cycle, today announced that the University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center (UH CMC) is using LTN equipment and infrastructure for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint transport of flawless live video to other medical facilities, media outlets, and medical conferences and events. The hospital recently used the LTN solution to send live procedure video from a remote location in Ohio to a medical conference in Florida, and also to transport live OR video for airing on the popular TV program "The Doctors. ""As a health care leader in numerous specialties, we often provide live physician education to specialists worldwide," said Kim Fatica, senior media technology strategist at UH CMC. "By sharing high-quality video of meetings and live medical procedures, medical professionals here at UH CMC can more effectively disseminate health and wellness information via the media and collaborate with colleagues worldwide to help develop new medical solutions. ""The flexibility of the LTN LEAF Flypack allows us to produce flawless HD transmissions from various ORs on a very large campus.

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