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Otis Is WWE’s Next (Really) Big Thing

Sunday night’s WWE Money in the Bank show ended with Otis Dozovic, a beer-barrel-shaped fury generously listed at 5-foot-10, clutching the Money in the Bank briefcase in his “hamming and slamming” ham-hock fists at the end of a race-to-the-rooftop ladder match. It was another outside-the-box classic, calling to mind nothing so much as a madcap chase at the conclusion of a caper movie, and most of the signature spots involved Otis: He initiated a food fight, he tossed a pie in ex–Raw general manager John Laurinaitis’s face, he broke the steps of a ladder when he attempted to ascend. In spite of his high-profile antics, I assumed Otis wasn’t going to win, because beefy boys who look like him rarely win big in the WWE. And then he did—he caught the briefcase after Baron Corbin and AJ Styles, who had been battling over it atop dueling ladders, let it slip through their fingers and into Otis’s mitts. Perhaps there’s a swerve coming—perhaps Otis is doomed to fall back into the tag team midcard with talented Heavy Machinery partner Tucker Knight—but it seems like something bigger is in the works. Bigger than Otis and Tucker, who are already plenty big, and definitely not in line with how WWE has booked wrestlers like Otis before.

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