Through Two Decades and 40 Seasons, the Tribal Council Remains the Heart of ‘Survivor’

With Survivor: Winners at War coming to an end and the series’ 20th anniversary (20th!) just weeks away, there’s no better time than now to honor the revolutionary reality TV competition. Welcome to Survivor Week, a celebration of the show’s best moments and characters. Surrounded by bugs and rats, wretchedly hot and starving, Jenna Lewis spent her first few nights in Borneo lying on the sand and ruing her decision to sign up for a new reality series called Survivor. “We heard we were going to be sleeping in the jungle, but I was a small-town girl and didn’t really know what that meant,” she says. “You can’t imagine the misery. ” On her sixth night in Borneo, Lewis and her seven tribemates were instructed to grab their meager belongings and start walking.

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