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ESI Gambling Report: Integrity, regulation, protection in fast-growing esports betting market

The world remains at a global standstill with the very real threat of COVID-19’s continued spread and resurgence still looming. Mandated physical closures and the suspension of large gatherings have put many businesses and industries in a position of crisis. Digital infrastructures have become universally adopted as a strategy for companies to remain in an active state; for some, it’s a workable solution, while for others, it’s a near-impossible endeavour to navigate. The gambling industry, in particular, has seen its casino floors closed worldwide, while sports betting opportunities are hard to come by, with few sports being played at all. More concerningly, the current climate indicates this breeze won’t move in the other direction anytime soon, either. It’s a dire time for betting operators, yet the circumstances seem to create a perfect storm for esports to ignite.

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