‘More efficient than before’: DTC startups are rethinking the role of the office

Arnaud Plas, CEO of custom hair care brand Prose, recently surveyed his roughly 125 employees about whether or not they would like to return to the office, hoping to get some clarity on what to do with the company’s offices in Paris and New York City. The results were far from conclusive: roughly one-third wanted to return to the office as soon as possible, one-third wanted to be able to work from home one day a week and one-third wanted to continue working remotely. “This is a new situation, and when I see companies saying hey now we are going to go fully remote, I don’t know if that is the solution,” said Plas. “I don’t know if companies that are just offering fully remote, will be attractive for all employees, some people, they want to have social interaction…I think everyone is different, and we will have to have to figure out how to bring flexibility to our employees. ” Now that companies have roughly two months of working remotely under their belts, all CEOs are grappling with if, and when, they should call employees back to the office. On Tuesday, Twitter announced that employees can work from home permanently if they so choose.

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