Reddit overhauls ad sales, with a new boss from Pinterest

Reddit has restructured its sales team and hired a new advertising boss who previously worked at Pinterest and Google. Both moves were in process before the coronavirus crisis, said Reddit COO Jen Wong, but both are likely to help the platform to appeal to advertisers who are currently more concerned with selling products than raising awareness and have pulled back from the platform as they deal with the crisis. After previously grouping its sales team under one general umbrella group called brand partnerships, in January Reddit restructured its sales organization into three teams: brand partnerships to serve large brand advertisers, growth partnerships to work with direct-response advertisers and activation and enablement to offer creative services and support to the two other teams.   In addition to restructuring its sales organization, Reddit has hired Pinterest’s former global head of growth Harold Klaje to serve as vp of advertising. Klaje, who started at Reddit on May 13, replaces Reddit’s former vp of brand partnerships Zubair Jandali who remains an advisor to the company.   “As you grow, you have to create sales channels.

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