The Ringer’s ‘Survivor’ Hall of Fame

Twenty years ago, when 16 Americans arrived in Borneo to compete in a TV show called Survivor, no one expected what was to follow. The show became an instant phenomenon—125 million people watched the finale! In the years since, Survivor has become a television staple and the most influential reality TV show of all time. Sometimes it can even feel like another major American sport. While Survivor doesn’t draw nine-figure audiences anymore, it still is going strong, having just completed the most anticipated season in years. The long-brewing all-winners edition of Survivor wrapped Wednesday, and to celebrate the momentous occasion and mark the 20th anniversary of the show, The Ringer is unveiling our Survivor Hall of Fame. We sifted through the nearly 600 players who have appeared on the show over the past 40 seasons to bring you the most impressive, most entertaining, or just most iconic castaways ever.

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