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University of Augsburg and MELCHERS Rechtsanwälte to research esports law

The Research Center for Esports Law of the University of Augsburg and MELCHERS Rechtsanwälte, a German law firm, have entered an agreement to pursue research in esports law. The collaboration will see the two parties research esports law with a focus on gambling. Logo credits: Research Center for Esports Law, Research Center for Esports Law MELCHERS LawRELATED: Germany introduces dedicated visa for esports The agreement will mainly centre around “the dialogue between practice and science with a focus on gambling law. ” The University of Augsburg partnered with G2 Esports earlier this month to share information on esports-related law and collaborate on organising relevant events together. Dr. Martin Maties, Director of the Research Center for Esports Law at the University of Augsburg, commented on the agreement in a release: “A complex subject like esports cannot be researched in isolation, but must be examined in the context of the economic developments and the practical problems of all areas of law.

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