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The Topgolf VR game is somehow more realistic than the real thing

Many VR games are about portraying impossible exaggerated versions of reality, whether it’s sci-fi table tennis or a shooting range with actual zombies. The new Topgolf-branded Oculus Quest game, however, goes in another direction: it’s actually more like real golf than Topgolf.

If you haven’t been to Topgolf before, it’s kind of what can be expected out of a VR golf game, only for real. You’re basically in a bar with a massive driving range, and you’re whacking microchipped balls at far-off colorful targets. Topgolf’s technology tracks the balls on video screens so you can see how accurate your shots were — or, more likely, weren’t. I went to the Las Vegas location with some Verge co-workers after CES this year, and it was a good time except for the fact that Sean O’Kane destroyed us all.

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