Advertising Enters Video Games At A New Angle Through Esports

In-game advertising in video games has been a subject of debate among gamers -- and a difficult mountain to climb for advertisers for some time.  On the one hand, gamers are sick and tired of the mobile gaming advertising system that interrupts game play with advertisements, but on the other hand, many gamers recognize the video game ecosystem for what it is to many companies -- a business that can drive tons of ad revenue. How advertisers can do it right is a huge area of focus for the not-so-distant future of video games. Traditionally, publishers of mainstream games like Activision Blizzard, Riot Games, EA, Epic Games and others have stayed away from heavy in-game integrations that have so taxed the mobile ecosystem.  advertisementadvertisementHowever, recently Riot Games announced that it would support in-game banner advertising that blends in with the virtual competition map during League of Legends esports competitions specifically. Small flags around the map that player avatars compete on will appear with logos, as pictured above.

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