Digiday Guide: Everything you need to know about subscription strategies

May 27, 2020 by Digiday 01 The right attitude 02 Content strategy 03 Distribution 04 Product strategies 05 Talent and hiring 06 Glossary 07 Further reading Publishers have beaten the revenue diversification drum for years. Subscriptions and direct reader revenue are some of the healthiest ways to operate commercial publishing businesses, especially as the ad business gets more difficult. Over the past couple years, many publishers that had been fully ad supported, or event supported began experimenting with reader revenue. Some early adopters, like Slate, regarded it as a nice source of incremental revenue, a way to extract more from their most passionate readers. Others, like BuzzFeed News, saw it as a way to establish a deeper connection with the readers that might help them continue to build and develop as a new brand. How all those different experiments go may determine whether those subscription-curious publishers survive the next couple of years.

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