Every Pixar Movie, Ranked

Editor’s note, May 28, 2020: In June 2018, we ranked every Pixar movie that had been released to that point. As we celebrate Finding Nemo for The Ringer’s Return to Summer Blockbuster Season, it’s only right to revisit where the movie landed on our ranking. On Friday, Incredibles 2 will mark Pixar’s 20th movie release. The studio has spent the past 23 years elevating the animated film genre with stories that appeal to both children and adults, visually engaging tales full of whimsy and humor that also examine hard truths and complex emotions. Pixar’s been making us laugh and cry in equal amounts for two decades, is what I’m trying to say. With the release of Incredibles 2 approaching, it felt like as good a time as any to rank Pixar’s catalog.

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