Gregg Oldfield | Why traditional agency models no longer cut it for sports investors – or clients

Gregg OldfieldToday’s sports environment is unprecedented, and the wider business environment has experienced little like it before. Few of us know what the next few months hold but one certainty is, sadly, that not all agencies operating in the sector will make it out the other side. A significant reason for this is that businesses based solely on discretionary income from third parties are empires built on foundations of sand. For agencies operating in the world of sports content creation, the ones set to survive and thrive offer a blended service, combining a managed portfolio of fee-income, licensing fees for IP-based data and tech, and relevant owned channels with a buoyant, well-sized audience. Only disingenuous business founders ever refuse to ascribe their company’s success to a degree of luck but, fundamentally, there is no substitute for industry knowledge and clarity of purpose – a universal truth regardless of the industry in which you operate. Eight years ago our vision for Engage Digital Partners was clear; sports rights-holders were missing a trick around non-live content and story-telling, traditional broadcasters weren’t geared to leveraging this, so there was a clear path to feed fans’ conversations and 24/7 consumption by using non-live as the conduit.

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