It’s Becoming A 4K TV World

Do you need clearer viewing when it comes to your TV business news channel?Maybe on your financial TV network of choice — Bloomberg TV, CNBC, or Fox Business — you are missing some statistical detail, something only a higher-quality TV screen, like 4K TV, can rectify. Earlier this week, Bloomberg Media announce the launch of a 4K ultra high-definition channel on the Samsung TV Plus video service. Financial data — perhaps in small characters on a regular TV screen at home — might not be needed for many serious stock-market traders. We are guessing those traders, for one, not only have 4K TV sets, but a big iMac Apple desktop display computer, and/or one of those prized Bloomberg terminals that changed all market trading decades ago. But more more casual marketing traders and concerned consumers might eat up TV interviews of major business leaders showing deeper concern -- in the wake of the current depressed economy — in this way. advertisementadvertisementOne can understand mainstream entertainment channels getting into the 4K game — even if there is limited 4K produced TV/movie content.

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